Accessible Tamar

Map of Cornwall

Description  The project aims to create sustainable and integrated transport and access links throughout the scheme area, including establishing the Tamara Coast to Coast Way, a cross Cornwall and Devon border walking route linking the existing Tamar Discovery Trail with the Bude Canal. Work will be carried out to re-establish the Calstock ferry crossing and […]

Promoting our Produce

Description This project supports market gardening enterprises, community allotment, including training programmes for new plot holders.  It looks at the feasibility of establishing new markets through promoting heritage varieties using new branding to give added value. Why is this important? The importance of local food and varieties has increased in recent years and communities are […]

Small Detail Big Difference

Disused Cornish tin mine

Description Vernacular buildings and distinctive regional details play a key role in giving a place its identity.  This project aims to work with local communities to identify these key elements and compile an evidence base to inform future management and identify potential threats.  Other subjects include river heritage, market gardening, orchards, mineworkers smallholdings and hidden/undiscovered […]

Heritage of Innovation

Description Explores the pioneering innovation of this unique area, including groundbreaking mining technology, experimental research for the market gardening industry and inventive forestry techniques. This will be carried out through a variety of creative media and activities to raise awareness and strengthen understanding of the evolution of the Scheme area landscape and how the challenges […]

River Explorers

People analysing water from a river

Description  This project will address the disconnection between people and their local waterways by providing a range of hands-on activities, which aim to develop the interests of local communities in their river environment. Citizen scientists monitoring and gathering data and River Explorer workshops with schools will encourage fieldwork, data gathering and exploring of the Tamara […]

Natural Connections

Description  Natural Connections will create opportunities for people to take part in activities and events that will improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing. The project will partner with link workers, the social prescribing network, and specialist organisations such as Battling On, Dementia Adventure and Plymouth Community Homes, to work with groups, including veterans […]

Tamara Trainees

Myles overlooking the River Tamar.

Description Foundation, internship and apprenticeship training opportunities, offering access to training for all groups linking the rural and urban populations of the Tamar Valley. Barriers to participation will be removed through tailored financial and pastoral support, enabling anyone from any background and situation to participate. Why is this important? This project will increase the opportunities […]

Celebrating Tamara

A river on a sunny day surrounded by trees

Description  Celebrating Tamara will create a series of themed events building year on year to connect communities, bring new audiences into the Tamara Landscape Partnership, and provide really fun experiences for people, engaging them with their local heritage. Events will focus on heritage themes unique to the Tamar Valley, including art, the seasons and local […]