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Create a digital destination website called ‘Visit Tamar Valley’ that stimulates an increase in visitor numbers and business opportunities for local business. Rebranding and launching the scheme area as a sustainable tourism destination will encourage and enable new local, national and international audiences to visit and enjoy the Tamar Valley. Working with Visit Tamar Valley Community Interest Company workshops and business to business support will improve local businesses’ digital marketing, share best practice and develop sustainable and green tourism initiatives. Volunteer community ambassadors will receive training to act as visitor advisors, providing in-person tailored advice and information to visitors and tourists.


Why is this important?

The Tamar Valley has a huge amount to offer visitors and tourists, but both locally, with the communities on its borders, and nationally, it is not well known. There is need and scope to rebrand and relaunch the area using its heritage and landscape character as the main selling points. The project will also offer training and set up business to business support groups for local businesses to optimise their digital output and help them become more green as a business.   


  • Develop, launch and promote ‘Visit Tamar Valley’ destination website
  • Training support for 100 local businesses50 local businesses improving digital marketing
  • 50 local business improving financial performance
  • 10 volunteer tourist greeters/community ambassadors Digital business to business support network created and hosted
  • 5 sustainable/green tourism workshops for businesses and develop a Tamar Valley Sustainable Tourism charter

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