Meet Our Team…

Aerial view of the river Tamar

Tamara Landscape Partnership Team

Our rivers are our life force and are internationally important for wildlife

Will Darwall - Scheme Manager at Tamara Landscape Partnership

Will Darwall

Scheme Manager

Will manages the Tamara Partnership team and overseas the delivery of the Scheme, by working closely with our Partners and other agencies.

Gary Lewis

Senior Heritage Officer

Gary is the lead for the Heritage-focussed projects of the Tamara Landscape Partnership and manages the Land Management Officer.

Chris Harris

Finance and Monitoring Officer

Chris is responsible for managing the finance and monitoring of the Scheme. He also leads on the Tamara Trainees project.

Sabina Eberle

Communications Officer

Sabina leads on delivering the Scheme’s communications strategy, liaising with the media and creating regular engaging content.

Bryony James

Bryony James

Community & Volunteering Officer

Bryony leads on the Scheme’s community-focussed projects. She also manages the recruitment, training and development of our amazing volunteers.

Sarah Richardson

Land management Officer

Sarah works with farmers, landowners and communities in the Tamar Valley, offering support and guidance on everything from climate change to the introduction of the new Environment Land Management Scheme (ELMS) agri-environment schemes.

We’ll actively support plans to reinvigorate market gardening on a sustainable scale

Tamara Landscape Partnership Board

The Board is made up of the partners organisations that work together to make the Tamara Landscape Partnership a success. It provides overall governance for the Tamara Landscape Partnership, although delegation for the day-to- day operation has been assigned to the Tamara Landscape Partnership team. The role of the Board is therefore to provide leadership, scrutiny of the project and, at times and where appropriate, to be a ‘critical friend’ to the project. The Board also holds responsibility for financial management, risk monitoring and strategic management of the project.