River Explorers

People analysing water from a river


This project will address the disconnection between people and their local waterways by providing a range of hands-on activities, which aim to develop the interests of local communities in their river environment. Citizen scientists monitoring and gathering data and River Explorer workshops with schools will encourage fieldwork, data gathering and exploring of the Tamara Landscape Partnership area.  

Why is this important?

Historically, the rivers of the Tamar Valley linked communities together and were a part of everyday life, through transport, livelihoods and leisure. This project will address the modern disconnection between people and their local waterways, re-engaging communities and schools and providing information that will lead to more effective monitoring, management and protection.


  • Engage and inspire a minimum of 10 schools within the project area with their local waterway
  • Develop or tap into existing water-focused events in local parishes to connect communities together and to their local waterways
  • 250 citizen scientists recruited, trained and supported to carry out water surveys, monitoring for water quality, wildlife and pollution
  • Two ‘River Blitzes’, events bringing together local and national organisations who care for and use the waterways, to inspire and engage new audiences with their local rivers
  • 10 parish roadshows, connecting communities through water-themed events

West Country Rivers Trust


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