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Fields in Devon


The project incorporates five elements: Natural Capital and Nature Recovery Network map application, nodal farms providing a hub for disseminating best practice, catchment-wide approach to delivering positive and sustained outcomes for the water environment, delivering a programme of woodland and hedgerow planting and restoration, and targeted community events. 

Why is this important?

This project will work towards solutions suggested in the Glover Report by providing mitigation for climate change, improved water quality and the surrounding water environment, increased and targeted tree and orchard planting and restoration. Additionally, it will provide farmer/landowner support in the post-Brexit world and the introduction of the new Environment Land Management Scheme (ELMS) agri-environment schemes.    


  • 5 nodal farms within the project area with geographical, type and delivery variance
  • 50 landowners and communities engaged
  • 25 farmers/landowners provided with 1-2-1 advice by TLP Land Management Officer or similar
  • 25 Capital Grants (5/year) of £1,000
  • Deliver Water Environment Improvement Fund intervention to improve WFD waterbody and water environment
  • Upgraded Nature Recovery Network map throughout the project timeline
  • Nodal farms and neighbours assess NatCap value of land
  • Improved deciduous woodland and ancient woodland cover at minimum 10ha new woodland created and 50ha restored
  • Improved hedgerow condition with focus on Cornish hedge/Devon bank restoration 10km of new or restored hedgerows5 new orchards created
  • Wider community understanding of the landscape and the pressures. Full input into Neighbourhood Development Plans

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