We are running new events to connect communities, engage new audiences, provide great experiences and improve wellbeing. These events are based on themes unique to this beautiful place, including heritage; art; the seasons; local produce as well as wildlife and water-based activities. 

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Latest News on this project

January 2023

More than 160 People Take Part in Tamara Wellbeing Sessions

The spring and summer of 2022 was a pilot period for the Scheme’s Natural Connections project. We explored different approaches to improving the health and wellbeing of local residents through connecting them with nature, heritage and their local landscape. The project has been trying to reach underserved communities, those suffering from mental or physical health issues and social isolation.  

Our Community and Volunteering Officer has been partnering with Link, the social prescribing network and other specialist organisations. The sessions have been hosted by a wide variety of organisations including local farms, the National Trust, local businesses and artists. Sessions have included walk and talks, art therapy, tree planting, Yoga, foraging, art workshops, nature ID sessions, farm tours, camping, bushcraft, Ranger days and more.  

Thanks to the partnership work of over 14 different hosts and 8 health organisations the project has delivered 70 sessions over the last year with 162 participants from August 2021 until from August October last year!

Here are some wonderful quotes from people who took part:

The range of tasks made it an enjoyable experience with the young people enthused and learning different skills. Working alongside the community group has helped with confidence. 

“Very much needed in the village, there are lots of other people that could do with coming along! Lots of isolated, lonely and vulnerable people live here, with a bit of encouragement, these sessions could be life-changing. Thank you so much.”

“Feel better for being outside Kids sleep better.”

“Didn’t even know these things existed.”

The project will continue until early 2025- if you would like to be involved as a host, an organisation or an individual, please contact us at

August 2022

Over 20 Wellbeing Sessions Delivered

In the last few months we’ve run over 20 wellbeing sessions for local people!

We’ve been working with groups including Battling On, Trevi House in Plymouth, Tavistock Youth Café and Drawn to the Valley.

We’ve run quite a few events with Tavistock Youth Café and one of the highlights was a night camping in Caradon Woods. The teenagers went river swimming, played outdoor games, enjoyed walks in the countryside and cooked on campfires.

We’re running free Art, Craft and Activity sessions to improve people’s wellbeing with Drawn to the Valley. In one session artist #KathyLovell helped participants to make jewellery using recycled and reclaimed objects. They worked with sea glass, stones and driftwood! There will be more sessions, so keep an eye on the AONB events page and social media for updates.

We’ve also been working with Trevi women’s group to support their recovery. The final session this year took place at the beautiful Wyld Thyngz forestschool and the mums and little ones took part in campfire cooking, nature spotting, wild play and craft activities! The toddlers in particular enjoyed the hammocks and play equipment.

July 2022

Over 200 children take part in first Tamara Bioblitz

In the run up to the summer there have been numerous art, heritage, nature, local produce and water- based events taking place. We also ran our first ever large-scale school event at Pentillie Castle and Estate. The BioBlitz took place over three days with 232 pupils and staff from four local primary schools joining in. They took part in nature-based activities, including bird ringing, bug hunting, land art, yoga and willow tepee creation.

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