Celebrating Tamara

A river on a sunny day surrounded by trees


Celebrating Tamara will create a series of themed events building year on year to connect communities, bring new audiences into the Tamara Landscape Partnership, and provide really fun experiences for people, engaging them with their local heritage. Events will focus on heritage themes unique to the Tamar Valley, including art, the seasons and local produce and watery activities. Large-scale events to mark the launch and end of the Landscape Partnership will highlight the work of the scheme, demonstrate ways to get involved, and celebrate and showcase the scheme’s legacy. 

Why is this important?

Event-based activities are popular with families and, if well publicised, can prove an effective way of introducing communities, particularly family groups,  to the Tamara Landscape Partnership area. Awareness and appreciation of the heritage and landscape will be increased, perceived barriers to access will be broken down, and a sense of ownership and the need for future safeguarding will be developed. Links will be created between individuals and communities, new skills learned and shared.


  • Two large-scale celebration events, 400 participants engaged
  • 90 events on the themes of art heritage, the seasons and local produce and activities on the water, 1,000 participants engaged
  • 500 volunteer hours contributed
  • 20 communities engaged
  • 500 first time visitors to the TLP project who live on its borders

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