Tamara Landscape Partnership is a 5-year project that will work for a brighter future for the Tamar Valley and its communities by creating opportunities and positive change through a programme of 10 exciting projects.

With the help of communities, farmers, local organisations and businesses, we will cultivate landscapes that are rich in wildlife, as well as cultural and historic heritage. We’ll help improve access to special places and promote ways for people to enjoy the landscape and improve health & wellbeing. We will continue to provide positivity and forward thinking for our beautiful project area and its people in as many diverse ways as possible.

Take a look at our list of ten target projects we’ll be working on and find out about how you might be able to play your part in our vision for the future.

A truly unique landscape, unlike anywhere else
in the UK

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The Tamara Landscape Partnership is a fantastic opportunity to make a significant difference at a time of great need

Councillor Neil Burden
(former Chair of Tamar Valley AONB Partnership)

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Tamara Landscape Partnership’s scheme embraces heritage, the environment and developing skills for people, with the emphasis on tailoring the outcomes specifically for the area and the wider landscape

Councillor Julian German